At Wood & Slate, we are actively engaged in supporting our community.  Stand out from your competitors by offering your photos printed on any of our unique media. For both artists and photographers, some of the benefits we offer are:
  1. Volume based pricing.
  2. Resolution recovery for old photos with AI.
  3. High resolution image capture of original artwork.
  4. Engraved signatures on wood products.
  5. Two day lead times.  
We reserve 10% of our manufacturing capacity to serve local artists and photographers.  Our goal is to enable artists to print high resolution copies of their original work on unique media.
Discounts are available based on volume.
For artists who want to provide their own material, Wood & Slate offers the following print pricing based on material.
Art Print Pricing
Note: Material must have a maximum thickness tolerance of +/- 0.5mm and a minimum dimension of 8"x10".  Max printable size is 48"x96"x2.5".

If you are interested in joining our community please fill out the form below.

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