At Wood & Slate we want you to be excited and satisfied with your prints.  If there is something not right with your print please shoot us and email with a description at  After 10 days, prints are no longer valid for return or refund.

Resolution refers to the pixel size and total number of pixels.  On all phones and cameras, the pixel sized is fixed and zooming changes the number of pixels used for the photo.  In order to produce a high quality/non-blurry image, we recommend the following resolutions per size at a minimum:

8”x10” - 800 x 1000 pixels

11”x14” - 1100 x 1400 pixels

16”x20” - 1600 x 2000 pixels

24”x36” - 2400 x 3600 pixels

24” x 48” - 2400 x 4800 pixels

Can you still print my photo if it is not high resolution or blurry?

That will depend upon the base resolution and/or the amount of blur.  When a photo has low resolution or is blurry there is a loss of information.  We use state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms that have been trained to regain this lost information to produce a beautiful looking photo.  Please select the ‘Enhance Resolution/Focus’ during check out for a $10 fee.   Note:  The print will not begin until the design is given the OK.

Home & Slate recommends photos with a lighter compositions such open skies and water.  Given

Generally, more artistic photos look best on slate.  The slate texture is smooth but bumpy which will cause a minor amount of defocus in the image which looks best on more artistic renders.

Our leather is off-white in color which works well with any color.  Black and white photos tend to match well with our leather prints.

We use 12oz duck canvas which has a thicker weave that results in a bit more of defocus.  Photos with fine detail are not recommended.  Portraits and photos with larger subjects are recommended.

Yes, for wholesale or corporate orders please reach out to us at

We offer exposure, contrast and color adjustments at request during check out for a $10 fee.  Just click the ‘Photo edit service’ button at check out.  Note:  The print will not begin until the design is given the OK.

Don’t worry, our team of graphics designers and photography enthusiasts know what to look for when designing a composition.  When in doubt, just follow the rule of thirds!

All Gift Card sales are final.

Yes, you can expect the carrier to charge for cash on delivery (COD) based upon the declared value of the order.  [CONFIRM EXACT DETAILS WITH FEDEX]

Please contact us at for an exact quote.

Exact lead times depend on the current queue but generally we aim to deliver within 1-5 business days.

We always want to help however we can.  For rush orders, reach out to us at and we will see how we can help.

Our team of packaging engineers have designed our shipping packages using off-the-shelf parts but occasionally mistakes happen.  If your package arrived damaged, please reach out to us at along with any pictures, your order number and a brief description of what happened.  We will take care of it from there!